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The unique prepaid internet nad IP television
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8 Mbit/s
339 CZK 399 CZK
without television without television
without television
20 Mbit/s
389 CZK 449 CZK
50 Mbit/s
439 CZK 499 CZK
100 Mbit/s
539 CZK 599 CZK

Prices include VAT. All the services are prepaid and without commitments. You can find the prices of other services in  the price list

Are you switching from another provider?

We are able to arrange it. Contact us. You will find it easy.



What do you need for a connection?

You need a modem for the internet connection. If you purchase the modem in our company, it will contain all the necessary settings.

  • - Compatible with ADSL2+/VDSL2
  • - 2x external Wi-Fi antenna
  • - WPS button
999 CZK

Incl. VAT
When purchasing the modem, installation is FREE OF CHARGE.



Incl. VAT 1399 CZK1999 CZK Action

Are you interested in more information?

What is a WIA DSL service?

WIA DSL – a home wired internet connection that works through xDSL technology. This technology uses an existing telephone network and therefore it is available almost in most places of the Czech Republic.

What is a WIA TV service

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What is the real speed of WIA DSL?

The speed of WIA DSL internet connection depends on the location where the service is set up. There are few factors that play an important role here: a distance from the switchboard, quality of lines and aggregation. The speed can also affect your computer.

What is the WIA DSL aggregation?

The WIA DSL is shared in the same way as other xDSL services in a 1:50 ratio.

How can I order WIA DSL internet with WIA TV?

Verify if the service is available at your address. The website will then take you through simple and fast steps how to order - from selecting a tariff, through payment and order confirmation. During the order process, you will be asked to verify your mobile phone number.

It is possible pay with card, bank order, or cash at the WIA branch.

We will be glad to help you. Customer line 211 151 211 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Complete price list - prices overview for WIA DSL service
What devices do I need for internet connection?

We will deliver a high-quality modem that will be pre-set, to you. Once the service has been set by a technician, you will only connect the modem following the enclosed instructions.



Can I use my own modem that I haven´t bought at WIA, with WIA DSL service?

We recommend to purchase our modem that is compatible with our network. You can also use your own modem, preferably the one that is listed in the section “Setting up and Installation” If your modem is not listed there, we can not guarantee a correct service operation

What does a package with a modem contain?

The parcel will be shipped to you by a carrier before the date of installation. The package will include a modem, a power source, a set of connecting cables, and a scheme, how to connect the modem to a computer. The modem you receive from us is pre-configured and ready for an immediate use.



I ordered a public IP address but it does not work. What should I do?

To change your service parameters immediately, you need to restart your modem.

Did you order WIA DSL, but the service could not be set up?

In rare cases, the operator, i.e. the Czech Telecommunication Infrastructure a.s., will inform us about the obstacles in setting up the service. If this happens, we will fully refund your payment for WIA DSL service.

How is WIA DSL service installed?

Once we receive your payment, you will be contacted by a technician. You will set the suitable dates when the DSL service can be installed for you. Setting up and installation should take up to 60 minutes.

Since when can I use the WIA DSL service?

As soon as the technician installs the service, you can plug in the modem following the instructions. The Internet connection will be activated immediately.

How to set up my own modem?

A correct operation of WIA DSL services is checked for following modems:

Comtrend VR-3031eu - Download instructions / Download the manual
Comtrend VR-3026e v2 - Download instructions
ZyXEL VMG1312-B30B - Download instructions
ZyXEL P 660 (only ADSL) - Download instructions




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What is the cost of setting up a WIA DSL service?

If you buy a modem from WIA, the installation of WIA DSL service is free of charge.

How is the WIA DSL service invoiced?

The first payment will include the payment for a modem if you ordered it. To pay for the other payments, we recommend that you initiate recurring (multiple) payments with a card, which automatically pay for the prepaid service every month or quarterly in every three months.

If you choose a payment via bank transfer, we will send an advance invoice to you. You will receive it via your email 15 days before the end of the subscription period. An advance invoice will include a charge for the next period (1 month in the length of 30.5 days, or 3 months).

You do not have to worry about paying the service before the end of the prepaid period. Your payment will follow in to your previous payment, and your connection will be automatically extended by the length of your upcoming subscription period without any downtime.

How can I stop the WIA DSL service?

The contract is without obligation and can be terminated at the end of the prepaid period. You simply do not pay for the next month's subscription. You will receive reminders to pay for the next period, but you do not have to respond to them.

Why is it the best way to pay with a card?

While paying with a card, you can set up recurring payments. Then you do not need to worry about anything. You can turn off recurring payments any time.

No contracts and commitments
Installation usually within 5 days since the payment of the order
Customer support 24 hours a day
#N/A: 211 151 211
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